Exclusive Business Solutions cultivates the entrepreneurial spirit. we are more than umbrella employment, we are committed to guide and support to succeed and developpe your projects.

Our goal? Offering you a wage portage solution while applying our know-how and expertise.


Umbrella employment means freedom and independence, therefore Exclusive Business Solutions does not interfere in your business relationships.  You can make decisions in total autonomy as well you can manage time, relationships, fees, and terms of your services.

Unlike being an auto-entrepreneur, with wage portage, there will be no turnover because it does not exceed a threshold.


Exclusive Business Solutions is here to afford you the best supporting and monitoring. Our Customer Service is available 24/7 so feel free to contact us, via phone or emails. Whether when you launch your activity or during its
development, our team will be happy to answer your questions.


In recent years, Exclusive Business Solutions has built up strong expertise in all fields, Human resources, legal, accounting, IT research, and
development…  Best resources & experts to help you hone your business every day.

Why? To ensures an efficient combination of entrepreneurship freedom and the safety of being independent.

Guaranteed salary

Since the first day of Exclusive Business Solutions, we have high methods that are effective to pay the salaries and costs of our consultants and trainers before the last day of the current month. even in case of unpaid bills.

Our significant financial reserve indeed represents more than four months of
remuneration, once the end-of-month pay has been paid.

Our advantages

  • Competitive management fees.
  • Social and fiscal optimization of my income.
  • Assistance with tenders.
  • Range of services: CE, mutual, PEE, purchasing group.
  • Training program aims to provide you with solid commercial background knowledge.
  • Networking events to create business opportunities.

An Exclusive Business Solutions advisor will contact you within 24 hours

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