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The salary portage consultant receives monthly remuneration, the amount depends on several factors: turnover, management fees, re-invoiced and unbilled costs. Find out how the salary in wage portage works, its specificities, and its method of calculation.

Wage portage salary: How it works.

As an employee, the consultant in wage portage receives remuneration. Paid by his employer which is the portage company. The payment of this monthly salary is related to an employment contract, constitutes a legal obligation enshrined in Ordinance No. 2015-380 of April 2, 2015, relating to wage portage.

The amount of the monthly salary, the payment that occurs from the first month of activity, is mainly based on the turnover generated by the consultant during the month. Remember that the consultant is free to negotiate the number of his fees with his clients, even if his daily rate must be greater than € 300.

Wage portage simulator: Items to consider

  • Social charges

As an employer, the wage portage company is required to pay compulsory social contributions to social organizations and pension funds. Calculated on the amount of the gross salary of its employees, employee, and employer contributions guarantee the consultant access to various social benefits: social security, provident insurance, retirement contributions, unemployment benefits, etc.

  • Rebilled Fees

The management fees invoiced, also called “mission expenses” are directly negotiated with the customer before the start of the mission. Contained in the service contract, these costs are not included in the calculation of gross salary. They are returned to the consultant in addition to his net salary. The re-invoiced costs generally correspond to the kilometer costs, the costs of accommodation and meals.

  • Operating costs

Non-taxable, operating costs correspond to professional costs which cannot be covered by the client because they are not directly linked to the mission. Like the re-invoiced costs, these operating costs supplement the net salary received by the consultant each month.

With Exclusive Business Solutions, you receive all of the expenses claimed in your report monthly activity, within the limit of 30% of your gross salary, subject to present supporting documents.

Note that some investments are subject to prior approval, like the purchase of computer equipment related to the exercise of your business.

  • Management fees

In the area of the portage, management fees refer to fees charged by the wage portage company compensation consultant. At Exclusive Business Solutions, these fees are based on the cumulative revenue that is not reset after a period of activity a year. 5%, the percentage charged depends on the revenue generated by the consultant for its first range mission.

Management fees are used to cover expenses related to the services provided to consultants: manage its accounting, training, personalized support, legal assistance, provides missions network of consultants …


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