Wage Portage internationally : the status of expatriate consultant

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On the sidelines of the missions carried out on behalf of French companies, the umbrella company can also be used to host international missions. Exclusive Business Solutions assists detached or expatriate consultants allowing them to retain their benefits.

International wage portage: How it works?

With the opening of international markets, companies located abroad now no longer hesitate to draw on the expertise of consultants, managers, and French experts to meet their needs. The umbrella company, which allows a professional to develop its business independently while retaining its own benefits into employment, can lend itself to missions to international. A device that concerns both short missions and temporary detachment performed and the long and lasting mission akin to expatriation.

Outre son intérêt financier, le portage salarial international peut également s’avérer très enrichissant sur le plan personnel. Il constitue en effet une excellente occasion de découvrir une culture étrangère.

Who is the international wage portage for?

International salary portage is intended for several professional profiles:

  • The consultants, interim managers, and experienced executives who desire to carry out tasks on French territory on behalf of customers located abroad, exclusively or in parallel missions for customers located in France.
  • Professionals wishing to work occasionally or permanently abroad, while retaining their benefits and enjoying more or less detailed assistance.
  • The experienced consultants who take their function in a foreign country where the conditions of life and work are known for their difficulty, like some African or Asian countries. The portage allows them to secure their project and their families.

The advantages of wage portage for expatriate consultants

Why choose portage to achieve your missions abroad? As you know, the wage portage combines the benefits of wage labor (social protection, assistance, accompaniment) and the advantages of entrepreneurship (freedom of organization and remuneration choice of missions).

By hosting your mission abroad by Exclusive Business Solutions, you preserve the French social protection, among the most advantageous in the world, for the duration of your mission abroad. Remember that this includes social security insurance, provident, pension contributions, unemployment benefits … Add to that a mutually complementary and professional liability insurance in order to exercise the peace of mind.

Another advantage of wage portage: no need to create your own business to offer your expertise abroad. The creation of a company and its management are steps both expensive and complex, especially in an international context where the laws of each country differ. With the wage portage, you have a structure that enables and secures your self-employment, reducing your efforts to the bare minimum.

As a seconded employee or expatriate (of the wage portage company), you are also assured to receive a monthly payment based on your revenue. In case of non-payment of an invoice, your umbrella company handles reminders and guarantees the payment of wages, the amount depends on the number of hours worked and the hourly rate daily.

Le portage salarial international chez Exclusive Business Solutions

Porting abroad represents about 15% of the activities carried out by the consultants hosted by Exclusive Business Solutions. To help its detached and expatriate consultants to perform their missions in the most desirable conditions, we offer many services:

  • Personalized assistance provided by a charge of human resources from an international group;
  • Assistance to the installation procedures in the host country;
  • Management of administrative duties related to the activity of the consultant;
  • Advice for financial optimization of the activity (tax exemption, PEE, PERCO) ;
  • Translation and assistance in the negotiation of service contracts (costs borne by the customer, per diem);
  • Support for foreign exchange transactions in the event of payment of fees in a foreign currency;
  • A mutual proposal for expatriates in case of long mission;
  • Professional liability insurance to cover the consultant, even abroad;

The quality of support and services provided by Exclusive Business Solutions is recognized by many foreign companies and transition management firms that regularly use consultants for assignments of all types require high expertise.

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