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Management fees are used to ensure the proper functioning of the umbrella company and the quality of the support offered to the supported employee. Their amount depends on turnover.

 The percentage of management fees charged by Exclusive Business solutions is: 5 %of turnover.


Indeed, we strongly advise our consultants in wage portage to ask for a deposit when signing their service contract. In addition to concretely sealing the customer’s commitment, this deposit also acts as a guarantee in the event of non-payment

The amount of this deposit must be fixed upstream, at the time of negotiation.


It is impossible to give a precise figure as the amount of salary received each month is directly related to turnover by the increased employee.

 After deduction of management fees and deduction of social charges, the amount of net salary received by the consultant corresponds to approximately 47 % of his billing, excluding company mutual insurance. Note also that you can recover part of your professional expenses, which are added to your salary.

 We invite you to test our income simulator if you want to get a representative idea of the net salary that you will be able to receive in wage portage.

Although the consultant is free to negotiate his fees, he must however be careful not to fall below a certain threshold. As a reminder, the law indeed imposes a minimum wage on portering consultants. Below this threshold, they theoretically cannot take advantage of this device.

o as not to be forced to renegotiate his remuneration at each readjustment decided by the State, the consultant must therefore move towards a minimum daily amount of € 300.

Like all self-employed, excluding self-entrepreneurs, the porting consultant has the possibility to recover the VAT related to its investment costs, no minimum. This is particularly the case when it acquires a computer or office equipment. It is however imperative to keep the invoices corresponding to these purchases in order to be able to recover the VAT.

The original copy of the invoice, necessarily drawn up in the name of the entity under which the consultant is employed, must be sent to CRH

At Exclusive Business Solutions, the mileage costs declared by the consultant in his activity report are reimbursed up to € 0.50 / km for the first 5,000 kilometers, then € 0.42 / km for the following kilometers. The power of the vehicle used during business trips is not taken into account in this calculation.

It should also be noted that the total is reset to zero at the start of each year.

Wage portage makes it possible to host a large number of activities, in particular intellectual activities: interim manager, finance consultant, IT trainer, recruitment consultant, asset manager, translator, a graphic designer …

There are nevertheless a certain number of excluded disciplines, of which the following is a non-exhaustive list: teacher of self-defense, teacher of judo or any other sporting activity; musician, clown or entertainment worker; coach in seduction, a practitioner in daydreams, healer, kinesiologist, and more generally, a practitioner in unconventional medicine. International trading activities (meat, various materials, etc.) with remuneration on commission, mediation, or mission to individuals are also excluded from the system.

When the consultant is unwell or is unable to work after an accident, it must inform within 48 hours our payroll service and CRH. Once the sick leave has been received, we send a request for reimbursement to Social Security.

If he meets the conditions for compensation, the supported employee then receives daily allowances, after a waiting period of 3 days. The amount of daily allowances is calculated based on the amount of his last three salaries, up to 1.8 times the minimum wage.

Recall that as an employee, consultant in carrying enjoys affiliation to the general social security scheme and collective supplementary health coverage.

The portage is distinguished from other legal statuses of its proximity to wage labor. Indeed, mid-wage, mid-independent, the individual entrepreneur can enjoy the benefits of the social system of wage labor without suffering the constraints. Better still, he delegates all of his time-consuming tasks to focus on developing his independent activity.

In terms of social security, the independent consultant is fully entitled to work stoppages in the event of illness or accident, as well as daily allowances during said stoppage period. But how does it work in practice? Let’s take stock by identifying the main elements to know.

To cover the breach of his work, the consultant receives daily allowances, calculated on the basis of the salary received. These allowances depend on the length of the work stoppage and the number of hours worked in previous months. However, it will be necessary to justify at least 150 hours of work within the framework of his wage portage contract.

A work stoppage of fewer than six months calculates the number of allowances based on the average daily net income for the last three months of activity. The limit is 1.8 times the monthly minimum wage, equivalent to 2,664 euros. In the case of a longer work stoppage and exceeding six months, the independent consultant will have 600 hours of minimum work during the previous twelve months off. In addition, he must have paid contributions for at least twelve months from the general employee plan.

In any case, the self-employed person benefits from a complementary health mutual, offering several interesting options in terms of coverage. When hiring, it is recommended that you read the porting agreement carefully so as not to miss any information on your rights.

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