The 5 advantages of wage portage

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The 5 advantages of wage portage

Since the birth of its founding principle, portage has enjoyed an undeniable enthusiasm among senior executives, trainers, freelance consultants and interim managers, much more than the status of auto-entrepreneur.

Do you want to be independent? What if you get in and join the movement? Benefit the most from this solution, wage portage, a way that allows you to enjoy entrepreneurship and the benefits of being an employee, maybe the solution you are looking for to develop your business and enhance your expertise. Focus on the 5 advantages of wage portage.

1. Choose your missions, hours, and fees.

Do you want to be fully in control of your professional project? To simply become independent and manage your activities? Wage portage allows one to be independent and salaried without being an employee.

As an autonomous and responsible worker:

  • You freely choose your missions.
  • You negotiate your fees and terms of intervention with your customers.
  • You benefit from more flexibility daily.
  • You work at a location of your choice, without having to report to any hierarchical superior.

Thus, with wage portage, you become, in a way, an independent employee.

2. Benefit from the security of an employee

Unlike some business leaders who have to be content with minimal social protection because of their status as a self-employed person (individual company/ micro-enterprise, SASU, EURL), the consultant in wage portage benefits from ” full social coverage, identical to the employee’s social plan.

Thus, the status of wage portage allows to:

  • Benefit from the reimbursement for your care.
  • Unemployment benefits (ASSEDIC).
  • Pension contribution.
  • Unemployment office benefits.
  • Take advantage of the professional liability insurance of your umbrella company.

Other social benefits: you can combine your unemployment benefits with your income from your activity (under certain conditions). Likewise, the accumulation of pension and remuneration in wage portage is also possible depending on your situation.

3. No more administrative papers

Administrative constraints, accounting, and invoicing are often seen as a waste of time for the independent worker while they can focus more on their activities.

Wage portage,  administrative tasks as invoicing, keeping accounts up to date, declaring social charges, are managed by the umbrella company, allowing you to devote yourself solely to the development of your activity.

A financial guarantee is taken out by the umbrella company to ensure part of the remuneration of the paid employee and the payment of social contributions, in the event of default by the client company.

4. Local advice and support

The degree of autonomy of the employee is related to the personalized support that he has chosen for his activity.

you can call at any time for our services and especially for our experts as the regional director and the human resources manager.

A local service to respond at your disposal and adapted to the offer of the training. the objective is to understand the specificities and integrate the skills related to the profession of the consultant.

5. More opportunities thanks to a network of experts

By becoming an employee at Exclusive Business Solutions, you join a network of consultants. Professionals and different profiles with whom to exchange, share, and collaborate in events organized by the umbrella company.

These meetings are an opportunity to develop and grow your network and build strong links with other consultants and then work together on professional projects or calls for tenders.

You can also become a business provider for the Exclusive Business Solutions network and thus supplement your income through our commission system.

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