What are the concerned professions in wage portage?

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Activities carried out in wage portage

Wage portage can involve a wide variety of assets in the field of service provision. Today more than 750 professions can be exercised through this innovative form of employment. However, there are specific regulations on the authorized trades:

This status relates only to the provision of intellectual services which are intended to provide advice and make very specific skills available, often with a high level of expertise

Personal services cannot be the subject of an employment contract. In addition, the regulated liberal professions (lawyer, doctor, accountant, etc.) and commercial activities do not come within the scope of wage portage.

This still leaves opportunities for many consultants, as these few examples of the professions concerned show:

  • The trainer consultant and coaches
  • The engineer
  • IT consultant
  • The project manager
  • Experts in the web and digital professions
  • Human resources consultant
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